Whatever your journey, I can help steer you away from danger and keep you safe from the rocks

Who I work with


Let me help you embark on your journey and steer you out of port

Being a new start-up or even considering how to start up can be a daunting task. Questions on what type of company?, business plan?, financing?….and the list goes on….. I can help you by providing appropriate business advice and help you explore your ideas so that starting up your business becomes straight forward.

Sole Traders

So you’re on your journey but the waters are starting to get choppy – Let me help you steer around them

So you have started your journey, the dilemma now is how do I keep the business running, doing the paperwork and have time to develop the business further. I can bring to your business a tailored selection of my services that will release time for you to concentrate on your business knowing that the background functions have been taken care of.

Limited Companies

The rocks of compliance are in front of you – Let me help you steer around them

Being a limited company brings statutory obligations such as filing accounts and completing company tax returns. This can be time consuming and takes the focus away from the business. I can assist in this area by either undertaking these tasks and ensuring you are compliant with the regulations or advising on dates and processes to make the submission easier. Either way this will release time from your busy schedule to invest in your business and not its paperwork.

Free Initial Consultation

“Let me shine a beacon on your business and ensure you are in safe waters”

I offer a free one hour consultation to understand your business and the values it has and how my services can add value and insight into your business.
Time is precious and it is the one commodity that we cannot source more of, therefore let Lighthouse Accountancy & Business Solutions Ltd undertake your business and financial burdens freeing up time for you to concentrate on what you do best, safe in the knowledge that your business is in safe hands.

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